About Us

Hickory Street is a humble local business that believes in providing straightforward convenient storage to our local, loyal customers. If you find yourself traveling, perhaps for school, though, you are as local to us as anyone. Attending school, even being on an extended business trip, if you are staying in Denton, we want you to consider us your neighbors. Our three locations pride themselves in providing our customers  service above all else, helping you find what you need, and making sure you get just that, and no extra  frills you may not really need to pay for.

When money is a concern, you can come to us and still find something that suits your needs. We know times can be tough, and you still need to get done all the things you need to get done. Whether that is a  move, or travel, education, your life does not stop just because your wallet is a little lighter these days.  Our goal is to help you regardless and get you quality, well maintained storage space at a modest price  compared to our competition.

That is how we serve our community, and you, our customer. Providing experienced, quality customer care, from experienced employees who understand that you do not need to be sold on self storage, you need to be able to move in. We invite you to come to talk to us, and see what we can do for you, whether you are a college student looking for a bit of extra space while living out of a dorm, one of our brave men and women in uniform, or just an average person looking for exceptional storage, we have something for you.  Even businesses can benefit from the space we can offer you, whether you are a large chain or a local business like us. Let us know, we are just a call or click away.